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We’re always looking for new council members, and you can join anytime. To learn more about our LLC, please contact us at We encourage you to attend a meeting, which are posted on the town schedule.


Once you’ve decide that you’d like to join let us know by emailing us at Then, fill out the "Volunteer Form" (linked below) and deliver it to the Town Hall.





We're always looking to fund new, exciting cultural activitites that will bring more of the arts to Southborough.


If you are interestedin applying for a grant but have questions, please email us at We'd like to discuss your ideas and partner with you.


You can learn more about our grant process here.


Are you a local artist? We'd like to learn more about you, and possibly partner with you on projects that are designed to bring more culture to Southborough.


As a way for us to learn more about you, and as a resource for others, we've created a directory on our website. 


Please fill out this quick form and we will be in contact with you.


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